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After the ever increasing number of enquiries from Hotel guests,
"The Cloud' is now also available to individual purchasers.
Pricing & Delivery
  • "The Cloud" is the genuine Trade Marked Bed Topper (also called a Mattress Topper) which is filled only with the highest quality small feather and down.

  • There is no microfibre, polyester or other synthetic filling used in "The Cloud".
    These synthetic fibres are suitable for mattress protectors and mattress pads and they are not the correct fill for discerning consumers wanting to experience a true bed topper.
The two qualities available in "The Cloud"
HotelHome offers 2 qualities in “The Cloud”, both use the identical quality Japara cover and internal baffle specifications. To optimise the performance of the topper, the down and small soft feathers are mixed in the individual chambers. Many of the known brand retail Mattress / Bed Topper products quote high percentages of down, however they are manufactured with the down in a separate thin top layer, subsequently the total amount of down in those products is far less than both Cloud qualities. Unlike the lighter weight retail toppers the ‘Cloud’ toppers do not require attaching to the bed. They are weighty products and will not scrunch up or move around on the bed. As seen in the photograph further down on this page, “The Cloud” is a very large product because of the fill weight and it is similar in size to a small fridge.
Please note "The Cloud" Platinum is available in Queen and King bed size only.

Feather bed mattress topper "The Cloud" Platinum
Feather bed mattress topper "The Cloud" GenII
How "The Cloud" works ... read more
A Feather Down bed topper is a very different product to a Feather Down continental quilt. Because the body lies on top of the bed topper (not underneath), the Feather size in a quality bed topper, needs to be very small for superior comfort and with enough overall mass to inflate the topper when combined with the Down.

The higher Down component of "the Cloud" Platinum, is from where the superior luxurious feel and softness comes, because the small Feather and Down traps plenty of air quickly to perform efficiently as a lighter weight, world class bed topper which has no equal in this part of the world. Down traps more air than Feather and also at a faster rate, so "The Cloud" Platinum has the perfect combination of both small Feather/Down in both the mix and mass to support the weight of a body with a cloud like experience. It is the product chosen by the most exclusive boutique Hotels including major Hotel suites who are aware of the reputation of this product. It is also the choice of very discerning individuals who must have the best.

"The Cloud" Gen II which is Australia's most affordable genuine Hotel bed topper, has been cleverly designed with the same quality materials, only different weight and percentage specifications to ensure it also offers an extremely high degree of mattress comfort at a very affordable price. "The Cloud" Gen II is the product seen in many of Australia's major Hotels and it consistently attracts accolades from their guests.

The result is that "The Cloud" Platinum and "The Cloud" Gen II both offer an exceptional experience of mattress comfort, superior to any other feather bed topper available in Australasia.
Why "The Cloud" is different to retail style Bed Toppers... read more
Some Feather bed toppers sold online and in retail stores, claim to have 85 percent Down, however they are constructed using two separate layers, the top, very thin layer filled with mostly Down. The percentage of Down being quoted is only in the thin layer on top and not the total fill of the bed topper, with the bottom thicker layer being all Feather. This results in the overall percentage of Down in these bed toppers being less than 7% Down and the total fill mass being a least 20% less than "The Cloud" Gen II. (specifications taken off a King Bed size)

Synthetic Mattress Topper / Bed Topper

Due to the success of genuine feather down bed toppers not only in the world's best hotels, but also with consumers looking for a true sleeping experience, many cheap synthetic versions of this product have now claimed to be Bed / Mattress Toppers. These synthetic products will never give the experience of a true natural filled topper, because they are made from polyesters which have a spring back resilience factor and not a natural trapping of air like feather and down. Some people complain the synthetic versions can be too hot to sleep on, unlike the feather and down which are used in many of the world's warmest and also coldest climates.

"The background to The Cloud"
It was pure luxury from the start
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During the period when Dubai in UAE was at its peak in attracting major investors and holiday makers from every corner of the world, the directors of HotelHome Australia met with management of Dubai's leading Hotel group who were also owners of the world's first 7 star Hotel. One of the products discussed in every detail, was the genuine Feather/Down Bed Topper which these Hotels are famous for. The words "ultimate comfort" and "blissful sleep" are only the start in describing the experience in sleeping on this magnificent product.

"High Down content"
Some months after the Dubai meeting, HotelHome Australia developed and also TRADE MARKED "The Cloud" feather bed topperTM. Two models were developed, "The Cloud" Platinum and also "The Cloud" Gen II, both to suit the 5 star Hospitality Industry for Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Regions. Many prototypes were produced incorporating different Down percentages, fill weights, Feather types and compartment sizing, to ensure the absolute best quality products were being offered. It was confirmed that the optimal mass of fill and Down percentage (40% Down & 60% small soft Feather) should be used for the most luxurious super soft Cloud Platinum version, which was exactly what was being used by these world leading Hotels in Dubai.

"The Cloud" Gen II was then also developed with a lower percentage of Down and a greater overall mass of fill, (10% Down & 90% small soft Feather) so that the lesser quantity of the very expensive Down kept the price of this still high quality style to a minimum and making it a more affordable option to more Hotel groups and consumers who were still wanting a genuine feather down bed topper. Both "The Cloud" Platinum and the Gen II are manufactured using a face fabric which is made from the finest Down proof Japara to help withstand migration of the smallest Feathers.

"The Cloud" is suitable for every type of Hotel bed mattress and it is equally successful with the domestic style pillow top mattress and also memory foam and latex mattresses
"High Density"
Most essential for a true Feather/Down Bed Topper experience
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"The Cloud" fully aired
The wall height of the internal baffles on both "The Cloud" Platinum and the Gen II is 6 cm, however due to the quantity and density of the Down and Soft Feather inside, the total height of "The Cloud" feather bed topper can be much higher when fully aired. This ability to gain a high loft ensures an instant feeling of suspension, complete body support and sheer luxury when slept upon.
"Genuine World Class Quality"
"The Cloud" is manufactured to the absolute highest standards for the most discerning luxury Hotels
Click to enlarge
"The Cloud" laid on a Hotel bed mattress
Many retail imitations of "Luxury" Feather Bed Toppers try to look like and claim to be the genuine article. Some do include elastic straps or skirts, which are required to hold the product in place on a bed. "The Cloud" is the genuine Feather Bed Topper as seen in the world's best Hotels and they are fully reversible and do not require any type of fastening to the mattress. Once laid on the bed, "The Cloud" will stay in position and it does not move around. "The Cloud" is an investment in supreme comfort and blissful sleep.
The sheer size of "The Cloud" packaging indicates the amount of Down and Feather used
Do not be surprised at the bulk of a genuine Feather/Down Bed Topper. Even when tightly packed for transportation, "The Cloud" is a very large parcel to ship. The Down and soft Feather combination of this product is most important, however the correct quantity of these components in the different percentages, is also paramount to perform correctly. This makes "The Cloud" a very substantial product indeed. Once placed on the bed, this Feather/Down Bed Topper will stay in place without any need for straps or skirts.
"Waterproof Mattress Protector"
Easy care with protection
HotelHome introduced "The 5 star Waterproof Mattress Protector" specifically designed for "The Cloud". This protector is 100% cotton towelling, backed with a fine waterproof polyurethane membrane, in a fitted style. The protector is undetectable on the bed and does not affect the super soft feel of the Topper. It is a barrier to dust mites and fluids, thus keeping the Topper clean and dry. This protector when used correctly, should eliminate the need for cleaning The Cloud, however it is still advisable to air the Topper for several hours, every six months or so. This product can be used as a Mattress Protector for most Mattress Toppers and Mattress Pads.
Pricing and Delivery Information
"The Cloud" Feather Bed Topper is available in bulk quantities
to the Accommodation Industry, or as an
individual purchase (no minimum) for personal use.

Pricing & Delivery
Or call 1800 HOTELHOME (1800 468 354)
during business hour for more information

'The Weekend
Australian Magazine'
24th March 2012
click here to read the article.

What Hotel Guests have to say...
HotelHome Australia is overwhelmed by the number of positive comments sent to the company each day from satisfied Hotel Guests who have stayed at quality Hotels and Resorts that have installed "The Cloud" Feather/Down Bed Toppers on their beds.
"I would like to congratulate (and Thank you!!) for your AMAZING product! I have just been staying at the ***** Hotel in Brisbane and have had the best few nights sleep! I had to remove my sheets to discover what this amazing product was underneath that felt like you were sleeping on a cloud - only to discover it was called 'The Cloud'!!"
L.B. from New Zealand
"After staying at the ***** Hotel in Sydney last week and sleeping on a Cloud I want one!!! "
"Recently we stayed at the ***** Hotel in Auckland and after our visit we made enquiries about the mattress toppers on the bed. They have advised us of your product in Australia ? 'The Cloud'- Feather Down bed topper. My insomniac husband reckons it's the best sleep he's ever had! It was definitely like sleeping on a cloud!"
C.E. from QLD
"I was just inquiring about the 'The Cloud' feather bed topper. I recently stayed in a hotel that had their beds fitted with them and had pretty much the best sleep of my life."
"we had the privilege of sleeping on one and now have been spoilt."
A.P. from Vic
"Slept on the 'cloud' on Saturday night at the ***** Hotel in Brisbane..........and loved it! After staying at the ***** Hotel in Melbourne last year, we were introduced to the wonderful world of 'The Cloud' bed toppers. I went out and bought a cover from a well known bedding chain but it wasn't as good as the ***** Hotel bed. After Saturday night at the *****, I decided that I need to get one for home."
D.G. from QLD
"I am wondering if I am able to buy several of 'The Cloud' mattress toppers direct from you as I am unable to find these in retail outlets and my husband and in laws can't stop thinking about the perfect nights sleep we had due to one of these in an Australian hotel a few weeks back."
L.D. from New Zealand
"I checked out the Feather Bed Topper at the ***** Hotel and saw your brand. It is the most divine bedding to sleep on."
M.M. from QLD
"I recently spent a fantastic week sleeping on one of 'The Cloud' Feather Bed Toppers ..."
L.Z. from NSW
"I am interested in purchasing a 'the Cloud' mattress topper after a great night's sleep on a hotel bed that had one attached."
R.L. from NSW
"I just spent a blissful week's sleep in a Sydney apartment which used The Cloud feather mattress topper...."
"Frequently asked questions"
Q : Can I use a Cloud on my Pillow Top Bed Mattress?
A : The answer is definitely yes.
A Pillow Top built in to a mattress does cushion the effect of the internal support system of most mattresses, particular spring systems, however that is the extent of the comfort factor. The Pillow Top on either a domestic or commercial mattress does not serve the same purpose as a genuine Cloud Feather Down Bed Topper does.
Only the Cloud can take away the pressure between the body laying Down and the mattress. The initial feel that one experiences when you first lay upon the Cloud is like being suspended, which gives an instant feeling of less pressure against the back, neck and limbs, thus creating the perfect set up for a comfortable night and a blissful sleep.
Click to enlarge
"The Cloud" on a Pillow-Top bed mattress

Q : Do I need deep wall fitted sheets to cover "The Cloud" on my mattress?
A : If required, HotelHome can also help with Premium 5 Star Hotel quality cotton rich fitted sheets in 35cm wall for standard mattresses and 45cm wall for very high pillow top mattresses. Available in classic white only for Queen and King size beds. Please note these sheets are normally only sold in volume to Hotels and they are not retail packaged.

Q : Is "The Cloud" a very warm product, making it only suitable for winter months or cooler climates?
A : Absolutely not. "The Cloud" Feather/Down Bed Topper works very different to a Feather Down doona or continental quilt which lays on top the body, trapping the body warmth. "The Cloud" is meant to be used all year around in any climate, it will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.
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